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How can we help?*

How can we help?

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Here to help you…even when you don’t know where you are!

We received a night call from a distressed customer. He had been driving slowly when his car hit a pothole. The right wheels were stuck and the car was immobilized. He was alone, in the middle of nowhere and due to his medical condition he couldn’t tell us his exact location; the pavement prevented him from getting his wheelchair. He tried shouting for help but at 3am in the morning no one responded. However, there was a parked tow truck on the street and our customer was able to read the phone number on the bumper. We thought we’d use this information and call the offices who might give us the exact location of the truck. Unfortunately they were not able to help us track it down for they had many trucks parked in different places.
We decided to approach the situation differently; we contacted our local service provider in charge of the area where the customer was and put them in conference call. The customer described the routes he had taken precisely and within 30 minutes our provider was there to assist him!


Page update: 09/04/2013