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How can we help?*

How can we help?

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Even when you’re stuck…we’re never far away….

A customer of ours was immobilized on a mountain where there were no roads at all. He immediately contacted us frightened he would fall off the cliff.
Our tow truck was not able to reach the car; it was getting dark and there were 300m still to go but the path was narrow and the truck could not turn. Our customer and provider were both in danger and had to abort this mission until the morning.
We had to think of a different solution. The next day was dedicated to organizing and searching for vehicles/trucks that could reach the car.
Our investigations were successful and we were able to send a special truck in order to make way through the mountain. It took us a few hours but once we got to the car we were able to pull it back to the road and then tow it safely to the customer’s garage.
The customer was impressed by our service and wrote: “the situation was extremely difficult and dangerous but the company’s organization, persistence and professionalism leaded us to the car’s rescue! Your impeccable and flawless services prove that your customers receive the highest quality assistance! Thank you for your efforts!”


Page update: 25/06/2012