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How can we help?*

How can we help?

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We make the difference for we only have a human side…

During our holidays in Egypt, my father was transferred to the hospital and was diagnosed with gall stones. I contacted you, Mondial Assistance and informed you about the incident. You directly took care of everything; contacted the hospital and the treating doctor, paid the medical expenses and organized our repatriation to Greece, to the hospital where my father was going to undergo surgery.
Everything went as planned, our return flight to Greece was covered and my father’s surgery was successful.
I would like to thank your employees and the whole team responsible for our repatriation. The team I spoke to was very polite and dealt with our case quickly and humanly. Your service was impeccable, immediate and much more than I expected. This bad experience was easier thanks to you! From now on, Mondial Assistance will accompany my every trip!!


Page update: 11/06/2013