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Mondial Assistance


How can we help?*

How can we help?

Corporate Clients

Mondial Assistance is well known for the services it provides and you may trust your clients’ needs in our hands!

Labeled fleet of Ambulances

Labeled fleet of Ambulances

Mondial Assistance has expanded its Medical and Health assistance services by obtaining and labeling a fleet of ambulances. These ambulances are dispatched by our call center thus achieving the best reaction and service time! All ambulances are fully equipped to treat even the most complicated situations.

24/7 Doctor and Nurse Call Center

We have our own doctor and nurse call center which is able to handle incoming medical and health assistance calls 24/7 for advice and management of emergency events, issue of all necessary documentation for hospitalizations, repatriations and air ambulance handling.

Telemedicine Solutions

An exclusive Telemedicine solution is available, supporting Ferry, Cruise and commercial shipping Lines with telemedicine equipment on-board, for 24/7 reading of critical signs and handling of emergencies.  The Telemedicine solution is offered to general practitioners and medical centers in remote areas requiring specialist doctor diagnosis and advice and to many doctors directly affiliated with us.

Air Ambulance & Repatriations from Remote Areas

Mondial Assistance provides air ambulance services in order to assist customers in remote areas.  We can also provide assistance with sea vessels, for repatriation from remote areas where landing may not be achievable or under adverse weather conditions. Combining the air ambulances and sea vessels with our private land ambulances we can achieve the best solutions in order to assist customers 24/7.

Claims Management & Cost Containment

We have enhanced our claims management and cost containment team with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals, supported 24/7 by doctors of every specialty thus handling any situation, no matter how extensive and achieving the lowest cost.