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Mondial Assistance


How can we help?*

How can we help?


Are you a car importer? Welcome to Mondial Assistance!

Are you looking for a supplier you can completely trust? One that has years of experience serving the Automotive industry and truly understands you? One with a top-of-the-line pedigree and impeccable track record but that will never rest on its laurels? Are you looking for a supplier that embraces challenge and adds value to your business through creative thinking outside the box and constant innovation? Then you’ve come to the right place!

You're unique, so are our solutions!

You're unique, so are our solutions!

At Mondial Assistance, we understand car importers. We understand who you are, how you work and what you’re looking for. Why? Because we’ve been working with and alongside, businesses like yours for nearly 40 years. We understand that as your industry, markets and customers change, the solutions you provide them with must also change.

Today, a one-size-fits-all answer is unacceptable. One of our main points of difference? We understand you are unique. Your uniqueness requires that we be flexible. This drives us to continually design customized service packages tailored to your specific needs, whether they are for Roadside Assistance, Extended Warranties, Telematics or CRM service.

Trust us. We do help

We also know what it means to deliver on commitments and to manage difficult, challenging situations. In fact, as a brand and a business, our promise to you is Trust us; We do Help. This is at the heart of everything we do. In fact we’ve been helping businesses like yours and your customers, all over the world, in all kinds of situations, ever since we were first created.

Our priority? The relationship you have with your Customer

We’ve made it our mission to help you build and sustain your business and reinforce your customer loyalty. This all begins with the sale of a new vehicle or used vehicle. At that precise moment, the potential is born for a long, mutually advantageous relationship between you and your Customer. We take this relationship very seriously and like to think of ourselves as the glue that binds you both together.